The Caverns
of Osberg

Medallion 6
Osberg Rises. Fire Gargoyles React. Humanity Quakes.
The Caverns of Osberg

The Book

Unguent Kings Rule Vast Magma Realms. What Happens When They Are Angered?

From the multiple award-winning teen author Brandon King comes the first volume of his YA series inspired by the classic works of Tolkien, and the spirit of Riordan, Sanderson, Locke, Carr and Myers. Perfect for teens and young adult readers who yearn for contemporary epic fantasy adventures that remind them of Narnia and Middle Earth.

The Ghost of a General Long Dead Plays a Pivotal Role in the Conflict Between an Unguent King and a Fundamental Gargoyle.


Harking back to the leadership of Osberg The Great, the reader will discover how simple decisions can lead to catastrophic outcomes centuries later. The seeds of Kahrnahrgx’s rebellion were planted even before the prophecy of the Chosen One, by a General opposed to Osberg. Only now it becomes clear to Kahrnahrgx that his rebellion, real enough in his mind, has been orchestrated by another. But even he does not know there is a far greater threat to every living thing roiling near the core of the earth.

In The Caverns of Osberg, competing worldviews seek to win dominion over all the rest. But only one can truly be virtuous. And our human friends realize that the future of the planet does not lie within their power, after all.

The Caverns of Osberg is the 6th volume in The Gargoyle Chronicles series. It blends together Norse, YA, and NA genres.


Middle-Grade, YA and NA


Coming Apr 2023

If I would have had more than 15 minutes to read each night, I would have read it all in one sitting. So many interesting characters. Great idea for an appendix! Be sure to look at the appendix for the Gargoyle names as you are reading – that would have been helpful for me to keep the names straight. Plot was really good.

What’s Inside


Unguent Kings




The Magma Realm


Tapestry of intrigue




Big reveals

Chapter 2:

The Guilds

~an excerpt

The Cult members were still gathering but those already in the lodge were a boisterous bunch. As was common of the lodges in this part of the world, most members were content with nothing more rigorous than showing up, drinking mead or beer, listening to the leaders complain about whatever was bothering them that evening and then heading back home with a bit of a swaying motion thanks to their intake of beverage. In short, it was a place where men could gather outside of their daily grind. So many of the men of the Honellaken valley looked forward to these gatherings.

But not all. There were a number of farmers that were within easy walking distance, whether by foot or by hoof, who not only didn’t attend but were harsh in their assessment of the value of the lodge and its proceedings. The Skulstads were such men, but they were not alone. Guild members at the lowest level were content to be unaware of why some of their countrymen would not join them. It really didn’t matter to them one way or the other, as long as they had their drink. And the special occasion gatherings, like this one tonight, always included a feast of roasted foul and meats: pigeons, geese, pig, goat and lamb. Since their diets consisted primarily of the fish that the Honellaken port was known for, these special meetings were a treat.

However, the leaders of the Cult of Fire—the name of the Honellaken Freemasonry Lodge offshoot—cared a great deal that some of their countrymen refused to attend. The Grand Master took a very dim view of them, in fact. But he knew from whence their hesitation came, so he made some allowance for his unthinking neighbors. He did not entertain any forgiving view of the source, though. He’d sat in church too many times, listening to the Reverend Wilhelmina preach against the guilds, recommending that the menfolk of the community focus their attention on their own families, the raising of their children, their responsibilities as husbands, as well as their obligations to the church itself. He’d lost count of all the times he’d left the ancient stave church with a throbbing tongue, from all the biting he’d given it.

That problem must be resolved—and soon—but his attention was needed here and now. The recitations were about to begin. He shifted in this ornate chair, almost a throne, carved from a solid piece of native spruce. It was much older than he was, and had been used by his father and his father before him. His chair was flanked by two others, smaller and somewhat less ornate. All of them were perched on a platform about a meter tall, thus providing them a clear view of the room and its occupants.

Birger called out, “Hear ye, men of the Fire! The time is upon us! More so it is upon Ulf, Njal, Rune. Their preparations either find a foothold this evening, amongst this host of witnesses, or they fail and are banished from the Lodge.”

The men in the assembly responded in a chaotic mix of yells and grunts. The group was feeling quite festive.

Birger continued, with even more volume. “Then, I ask you. Is this assembly prepared to hear their invocations?”

The Cult’s members raised the volume of their yells and grunts.

“And will you judge rightly, with no untoward favoritism or prejudice to any of the men here?”

“Aye!” the group yelled back, understanding that a clearer response was becoming required.

“And will you judge them impartially of emotion, knowing full well the power you cast with your vote?”

“Aye!” they roared back.

“And will you bestow upon them the rank of Fellowcraft should they recite the Articles in their entirety?”

This time the shouts were overwhelmed by the collective stomping of heavily booted feet of more than 50 men in the hall.


Idaho Author Awards


North American Book Awards

A Great Read!

What a fun and exciting fantasy read. I loved the characters. This book had me thinking! I can’t wait to see where the author takes us in the next book! I am a fan!



I have always enjoyed reading Y.A. novels but this is one I would recommend to anyone and everyone who loves adventure and fantasy. This book is full of action and twists. It was an engaging and fast paced wonder.

I loved the way that Brandon melds a terrific story line with full, round characters and life lessons. This book covered everything from friendship to love and the true meanings of the words.

~Carson Wrublik

A Piece of Home

I was reminded of some of my favorite fiction stories as a kid. A young girl, through very ordinary means, stumbles across a world and a mystery of cosmic proportions. A quest begins, and it’s a battle between good and evil that spans both distance and time.

If you like John White (The Tower of Geburah series), Madeleine L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time), or C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), you’ll find yourself right at home in this series.

This book includes great characters, some good themes, and an epic climax. I’m looking forward to reading more.

~Clifford G. Wheeler

Exciting New Read for Teens!

This story weaves fantasy, history, and life lessons into an enjoyable narrative. As a reader, it was quite exciting to peer into the realm of gargoyles and imagine their purpose and lives. Brandon King takes a fresh look at these fantastical characters and presents us with an original perspective that causes us to reflect on our own perceptions of those who are different and what true friendship really is.

~Lori Knutson

Great Young Adult Read

Imagine being swept away from your ordinary life to a world where mythical creatures guard against evil and time and space are transcended. That’s what awaits the reader of this novel. An intriguing plot provides plenty of twists and turns as well as many edge-of-your-seat moments. This adventure, with its focus on family, hope, and courage, appeals to young and old alike. If you enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, you’ll love The Quest for the Temple Key.


Good Read

Every chapter ended with me salivating and wanting to know more. Read it in less then a week!!!! The next one comes out soon too.

~Jonathan Tallman

Diabolically Simple Yet Intricate Tale

The second book in this series finds Brandon King hitting his stride, and boy, is it a long stride. The interweaving tale that is continued from the first book ratchets up the suspense and intrigue to an intense level. It makes this tale a page turner that I couldn’t put down. And trying to guess who did what and how was as nerve-wracking as if I’d seen a real gargoyle. Many times, I called out, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Then returned greedily to read what happened next.

While the ending was satisfying, it left me growling like Kimar for the third in this series.
With a final, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” as I read the last sentence, I closed this wonderful book.

~Renee Settle

Great Fantasy Story

In this story there are many intoxicating characters that I could relate too and grew fond of. In the world of good and bad, gargoyles and humans vs gargoyles, it is kept interesting with many cliff hangers. Brandon King has created a solid plot line that follows through in every chapter and that made it easy to follow along. With elaborate twist and turns that I didn’t see coming kept me on the edge of my seat. Along with everything else, the descriptions teleported me into the story along with the characters. This is a great book to read at any age.

~Savanna C. (7th grade fantasy lover)

Brandon King Has Done It Again!

Another brilliant book from Brandon King! 🙂 I loved this book as much as the first. It’s super creative and full of adventure. The characters are very relatable and the plot leaves you begging for more. I will recommend this book every day, even to my 25 and older friends 😉

~Carson Wrublik

A Gargoyle Good Read!

My 12 year old son recently read this book and here’s what he had to say about it…”I liked the concept of the gargoyle characters, even though I do not normally read fantasy books. I liked that some of the gargoyles were protectors. The book was very good!” (The book kept my sons interest and he was so excited to read it. He read it at home on the sofa instead of watching TV, he read it in the car instead of other books he could have chosen to read and he read it before going to bed each night. A captivating book.)


Transports the Reader

Brandon King’s latest teen novel rushes his characters into a new arena where they continue to grow up in front of the reader’s eyes. With each turn of the page, readers are left questioning who to trust and worried about just what twists and turns the story will take next. For teen readers and gargoyle fans alike this is a fast-paced, fun read that transports the reader to both another time and a world where a whole new realm of possibilities exists.

~Lori Knutson

Attention Narnia and Hogwarts Fans!

A thrilling and exciting read, expertly told by Brandon King. Readers of all ages will enjoy the continuing adventures of Danielle and her friends & family, as they struggle to unravel the mystery of a new gargoyle threat. Will keep you reading late into the night, and have you craving more stories with these characters. Quality entertainment.

~Peter G

If You Like Fantasy...

Interesting characters, lots of twists and turns. Uncertainty about what comes next keeps you reading! If you like fantasy, Brandon King doesn’t disappoint!

~Gretchen McNamara

the Author

Brandon with Prohximus
Brandon King lives in Southwest Idaho, near to the kinds of mountains his gargoyles like to call home. He shares his home with his wife (who is also an author) and two aging cats. He’s enjoyed several careers throughout his life, but his great love is writing.
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Brandon King

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