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The Gargoyle Chronicles Series

The books of Brandon King are, so far, primarily focused on gargoyles. However, he does have a short story or two (see below), as well as other storylines roaming about in his head. Unpleasant, yes. But true. ;-)

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The Quest for the Temple Key
All His Wrath
Ten Pinnacles Cover Reveal SM
Ascendance Cover Reveal SM
Trespass Cover Reveal
Caverns Cover Reveal
Rebellion Cover Reveal

Gargoyle Chronicles
Cover Rebranding


The book covers displayed are most likely what Brandon’s final covers will look like. They all have his design requests incorporated into them aleady.

Our original covers (for TQFTTK and AHW) were designed by Martin Mačeović. Because he’s no longer creating cover art, we’ve shifted gears.

What do you think?

Brandon’s Short Stories

Dark Planet
Interview with a Gargoyle
The Screwtape Emails


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