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Brandon King

Fantasy, with Faith and Courage

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Brandon’s Action Teaser

Brandon’s team put together this exciting action video teaser for an upcoming campaign.

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Brandon King's The Quest for the Temple Key, has been honored with several IAAW awards, including:

  1. TOP 10 Authors, Fiction
  2. COVER DESIGN, 2nd Place
  3. YOUNG ADULT, 2nd Place
  4. BOOK DESIGN, 2nd Place

Brandon was delighted to garner the judges' attention of the North American Book Awards, as well, for The Quest for the Temple Key:

  1. FANTASY, 1st Place
  2. COVER DESIGN, 1st Place
  3. YOUNG ADULT, 2nd Place


On The Cold High Mountain

On the Cold High MountainHigh Perch (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Have you ever camped in the winter? Or been perched on a high mountain during a stiff wind? Spectacular Views Let me assure you that neither are pleasant experiences, though...

Having Done All…Stand

Having Done All...StandStand For What? (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) There comes a time in our life, whether we want it or not, when we're faced with a choice. We can attempt retreat. We can try to step aside. We can plead for compromise. We...

Of All the Fantasy Creatures…

Of All the Fantasy Creatures... Why Gargoyles? I began writing The Quest for the Temple Key with one reader in mind. My daughter. It Began Innocently Enough When she was young I read through the seven Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. She loved them. Soon after, I...

Lingering Fears

Lingering FearsFears are what? (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) As a kid, my favorite fantasy authors, Tolkien and Lewis, made it difficult to relax. Because especially when you thought a crisis had been averted, it was actually replaced by...

Hopeless and Alone

Hopeless and AloneAbandonment (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Rather than employ gratuitous violence in my novels, my goal is to convey just enough information for the reader to fill in the rest. That's the writing style I enjoy the most,...

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