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Fantasy, with Faith and Courage

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Readers react to The Gargoyle Chronicles

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I loved the way that Brandon melds a terrific story line with full, rounded characters and life lessons. ★★★★★
Carson Wrublik

This story weaves fantasy, history, and life lessons into an enjoyable narrative. As a reader, it was quite exciting to peer into the realm of gargoyles and imagine their purpose and lives. ★★★★
Lori Knutson

Right from the start you are taken into the world of Gargoyles – how fun! The link between the different centuries was very clever – loved how the families were similar yet so different. If I would have had more than 15 minutes to read each night, I would have read it all in one sitting. So many interesting characters. Great idea for an appendix! Be sure to look at the appendix for the Gargoyle names as you are reading – that would have been helpful for me to keep the names straight. Plot was really good. ★★★★

Diabolically simple yet intricate tale… While the ending was satisfying, it left me growling for the 3rd in this series. ★★★★★
Renee Settle

With elaborate twist and turns that I didn’t see coming kept me on the edge of my seat. Along with everything else, the descriptions teleported me into the story along with the characters. This is a great book to read at any age. ★★★★
Savanna C (7th grader)

A thrilling and exciting read, expertly told by Brandon King. Readers of all ages will enjoy the continuing adventures of Danielle and her friends & family, as they struggle to unravel the mystery of a new gargoyle threat. Will keep you reading late into the night, and have you craving more stories with these characters. Quality entertainment. ★★★★★
Peter G


Brandon King’s The Quest for the Temple Key, has been honored with several IAAW awards, including:

  1. TOP 10 Authors, Fiction
  2. COVER DESIGN, 2nd Place
  3. YOUNG ADULT, 2nd Place
  4. BOOK DESIGN, 2nd Place

Brandon was delighted to garner the judges’ attention of the North American Book Awards, as well, for The Quest for the Temple Key:

  1. FANTASY, 1st Place
  2. COVER DESIGN, 1st Place
  3. YOUNG ADULT, 2nd Place


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The Gargoyle Chronicles

…is well on its way to becoming a 7-book series. The WIPs (works-in-progress) below carry the expected final title. But the covers are simply placeholders and are intended only to give you a sense of where the story will take place. But we like them!

Book 3

The Ten Pinnacles
98% Complete
105,709 of 108,000 words

Book 4

56% Complete
50,509 of 90,000 words

Book 5

62% Complete
58,517 of 95,000 words
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