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Paign is courageous and an action taker. So, he can be a bit impulsive and even rash. But he is very responsible and selfless. This is, in no small part, due to losing his father to war when he was just a boy. This is also true for his cousin, Anders, who also grew up without his father. Paign is also known for not automatically respecting those in authority, which makes school challenging for him.


Like his sister, Paign has a “Consul” Personality (an ESTJ-T according to the MBTI Personality assessment). But his is the “Turbulent” variety of the Consul. This makes him pretty hard on himself. Although he has a lot of self-discipline, he doesn’t give himself much credit for having any.

He rarely sees himself as “good enough.” This drives him to increase his efforts to bring about positive results, even if it’s risky to his life.

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Check out some of the conversation Paign had with his cousin Anders, below…

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“My point is really not that complicated, Anders,” Paign growled. “Are you hungry or cold or something? All I am asking is whether she might go off. Our foes don’t play by any rules, as you know too well. They won’t care how distracted she is. They’ll more than gleefully welcome it. If they can set her in motion before we’re ready, before we’re in position, you know? Well, that could be bad.”