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Freida is, more than anything, grounded and practical. This comes from growing up as the only child of a farming family. Her home is the place Paign and Anders love to hang out, because her father is basically the surrogate father to them. She’s energetic, and witty. Sometimes inflexible, especially when she believes in something. A little older than her friends, she gets annoyed at the boys when she feels they don’t take her seriously.


Freida has an “Assertive Defender” personality, which makes her quite different than her friends. She’s analytical, but sensitive. Though she’s reserved, she has excellent people skills. She’s open to change and to try new things.

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Dropping to her knees, Freida said, “Odin, keep your ears wide open, like you did earlier. We can’t afford to be surprised by any of those creatures. Do you understand, boy?” Odin smiled and wagged his bushy tail.