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Danielle is a courageous action taker, when the situation requires it. Naturally selfless, she still struggles with the role the gargoyles have cast her into; she doesn’t understand why she’s “the chosen one.” When she’s alone late at night, and the weight of their expectations is heavy on her, she wonders what makes her so special…and whether she really has to live with responsibilities she didn’t choose.

Her parents are both college professors, and it was her mom that discovered the mysterious key which set all of the terrible events in motion. Including Danielle’s becoming the enemy of the dreaded gargoyle leader committed to destroying her.


She’s considered an “Assertive Adventurer” (or ISFP-A, according to the MBTI Personality assessment). This makes Danielle inspired by her connections with other people and the world around her. She loves to experiement and explore, learning as she goes. She can seem unpredictable to others, even her family and close friends.

Her focus is more on the now, than on the past or the future. She appreciates her alone time, just so she can recharge.

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We’re going to get Paign. We need his help. And pity the villain who did this, and the one who sent him. He will answer for what he has done to two of the people I care most about in this world. He will answer!