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Anders is introverted, very grounded, and views the world in practical, down-to-earth ways. He’s also energetic, but always reliable and loyal. Because he is extremely smart, others sometimes think he is inflexible. A little younger than his bigger and stronger cousin, Paign, his first impulse is usually to react in a competitive way. This has gotten him into arguments with Paign because he didn’t understand the situation.


Anders has the “Assertive Logician” personaility (according to the MBTI Personality assessment). This makes him able to notice patterns in the world around him, including discrepancies (so it’s a bad idea to lie to him). Even so, he’ll often sort out those patterns by talking about them. Which means not every observation he declares is fully thought through.

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The quote below of Anders expressing his observation about a crucial detail…

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“You know, I think Paign has a point,” Anders chimed in. “We never did figure out what the green thing was. It sure looked like a cage made of some kind of energy, sort of like green ribbons of fire, but when the rock Paign skipped across the floor cracked into the thing and it started sparking, we hightailed it out of there. It’s no coincidence, I think, that not long after is when our adventures with gargoyles started.”