Strong Girls

An Audience of One

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I wrote this novel with an audience of one: my daughter. She was a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, as well as The Chronicles of Narnia.

Admirable Character

So Hermione and Lucy were characters she was attracted to. But I wanted her to be able to identify strongly with girls more like her. That’s why the protagonist in The Gargoyle Chronicles is Danielle, because she is modeled after my daughter. It worked so well that she wrote a novel of her own with…you guessed it…a strong female protagonist. Girls that face their fears. Girls that are compassionate in the face of unkindness. #stronggirls #amazingdaughters

Chapter 1, The House With The Portico

Excerpt from The Quest for the Temple Key

As Danielle marched between the fence-high stone walls, towards the door, she glanced at the walls and thought it very curious that each wall had a single, amber-colored circle of glass, about the size of a quarter, embedded in the surface. So intent was she on making her final collection, she failed to notice the house number above the door was not on her list. As she reached up to use the door knocker, she was startled by a rustling noise behind her.

Spinning around to look for the cause of the sound, she saw feathers littered all around the sheltered area, between the portico walls and the front door of the house. She’d never seen feathers so big, and she thought they might be as long as her arm.

Strong girls are worthy of respect and admiration. But let us not forget that strength must be balanced with compassion, lest it become cruel.



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