Strong Boys

Everyone Loves a Hero

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Everyone loves a hero. But have you noticed that it’s often the quiet person who unexpectedly rises to face the danger?

…Except Maybe The Hero

There’s something greater than fear that drives them. It might be curiosity. It might be an overwhelming desire to see justice done. But more often than not, they simply wish to protect those they love. Anders is strong  like that, though he doesn’t see himself that way. That’s why he’s a hero in the making. He thinks of others first.

Chapter 18, Risky Behavior

Excerpt from The Quest for the Temple Key

Anders slowly walked over to the undulating green columns that encircled the hovering, still-spinning rock. Holding his lantern high, he stepped carefully around the perimeter of the greenish shield.

From the far side of the column, he yelled back to Freida and Paign, “Have you considered what this means? This…this is not that far beyond where we stopped last time to eat our lunch. But obviously, this—thing—wasn’t here then. It is some sort of cage—like a trap, I gather.” Stepping around from the back rim of the glow, he looked intently at Paign and Freida, his eyes hard and cold. “Unless I am missing something, this cage was meant for us!”

On behalf of the heroes, lets not forget that they weren’t looking to become one. Those that do are not heroes but egotists…or ill.



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Image by Adalhelma from Pixabay