Rage’s Trigger

Rage Against the Machine?

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We see in the world now an upside down view of bullying.

Dystopia Enters

Where bullying was denounced not many years ago, it is now celebrated as worthy of praise, as long as its fierce behaviors are directed at the correct target. What formed the central evils of dystopian stories less than 10 years ago are now widely encouraged and embraced. But there is always a cost to bullying. It’s name is rage. #epic #fantasy #culturewars #bullying #rage #retribution #truthwillout

Chapter 13, The Testing of Paign

Excerpt from All His Wrath

Rance-Dahl paused next to the object of days of his hatred and scorn, momentarily bewildered by the boy’s shaking body. The beast witnessed, with wicked pleasure, the human’s tears staining the gritty floor. Smirking, the gargoyle reached down, intending to hurl the boy across the torture chamber another time—mistaking the boy’s quivering for manifested terror.

But Paign’s shaking wasn’t from terror.

In some ways, this excerpt is uncomfortably close to art imitating life. What are your thoughts?



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Image by kalhh from Pixabay