Having Done All…Stand

Stand For What?

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There comes a time in our life, whether we want it or not, when we’re faced with a choice. We can attempt retreat. We can try to step aside. We can plead for compromise. We can give up and surrender. Or we can stand.

Being True to Something

This last option–to stand–is, in fact, the most important, because when we have either considered the other options or even taken them, there may yet come a time when, if we are true to ourselves and what we believe, the only real choice, the only congruent option for retaining our integrity, the only decision that reveals our values, in bold relief, is to stand. I believe the days are coming when we will all be faced with this ultimate choice. Will you stand? #crazyworld #fantasy #epic #YA #fiction #disruption #polarized #adventure #worldview #virus #futureatstake #truthisstrangerthanfiction #choices

Chapter 30, Plan of Attack

Excerpt from The Quest for the Temple Key

“As you have all heard from Kimar, it is clear that Kahrnahrgx and his followers intend to reacquire the Key, which these humans found unwittingly,” Quarastohr said, then gestured towards the entire group of humans, not distinguishing between Danielle and her parents and all the others. Although Ercen was sitting with them, she didn’t seem to be included in Quarastohr’s wave.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Paign hissed under his breath. “That didn’t sound very nice.”

Before anyone could respond, the large gargoyle continued.

“Whether we wish it or not, it is now come to us…this Key. Its evil has twice entered into this valley, our haven, the rookery of our young ones. It cannot stay. But whither shall it go?” His voice reverberated throughout the canyon.

A cascade of voices fell down from the cliffs above, in support of Quarastohr’s question.

Ercen shifted next to Danielle. “Well, there’s not much question about that, is there?” she murmured. “It can’t stay here. You can’t take it back to your time…”

Before she could finish, a squat gargoyle, with a deep reddish hue, rose to his feet, just a few chairs to the right of where Kimar sat. “My esteemed colleagues of the War Council,” he said, then bowed, his voice so low it seemed to Peter that he felt it, more than heard it. “Quarastohr.” He bowed even lower. “My countrymen,” he said, lifting his hands into the air and slowly circling around the dais.

“That’s Uud-Rement. He’s a fierce commander,” Ercen whispered in Danielle’s ear. “And he’s absolutely fearless. Some would say even reckless. This should be interesting.”

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