Creeping Anxiety

Common Suffering

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At any given moment, if you’re in a group of 10 people, 2 of them are suffering from anxiety. Or have, in the past 12 months. I wonder if that number is low, because the world we live in is getting more divided, seemingly by the day.

Powering Down

One excellent way of taming anxiety is by simply speaking to someone else. Our minds can ramp things up very fast, far beyond what is reasonable, when we feel anxiety. Speaking the words has a way of releasing its power…and hold on us. In this scene from All His Wrath, I was mindful of the many times I’ve improved my mindset simply by talking about it. BTW, another great thing that helps reduce your anxiety: sleep. #fantasy #epic #adventure #anxiety #rest #sleep #faith #YA #perspective #prayerpower

Chapter 4, In the Wee Hours

Excerpt from All His Wrath

“What do you think, Hon?” Peter asked Amy from their huge closet next to the bedroom. “Do you think she’ll be OK?” “How do I know?” Amy snapped back, brushing her hair even as she walked in from the bathroom. “None of us has slept well for the past four days, apparently. Now we have strong—and frightening—evidence as to why. None of this should be happening.” There was a shrillness to Amy’s voice that reminded Peter of when they’d first found the cursed Key years ago. He was troubled by her tenseness. Now, he realized it was probably foolish of him to believe that, with the Key destroyed, his wife would be rid of the clawing fear that had haunted her during Danielle’s early years. Apparently, the deep-flowing, silent fear had gnawed at Amy until it left a permanent mark upon her. He reached out and gently stroked her anxiety-lined face.

“Well, then, let’s turn in and do our best to remedy that problem,” he replied, quietly. “Let’s get some sleep. As much as we can, in fact.”

Amy twitched at the touch of her husband. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I don’t know what’s come over me, Peter. I had just thought…hoped…prayed…this business was over! Why shouldn’t it be over? Didn’t we destroy him? You know, when Dani destroyed his evil Key?”

“Uh, no, Hon. Not destroyed. At least, the others didn’t think so. I mean, yes, it diminished his power. And yes, the Key was destroyed. But he, himself, wasn’t. That’s why the others were concerned about us.”

“But then why,” her voice pitched higher than before, “haven’t they done anything to protect us?”

Peter shrugged dejectedly. He didn’t have an answer that would be satisfactory to his wife. In fact, he didn’t have any that satisfied him either. “I…I don’t know, Ames. Somehow, I didn’t think we’d be left to our own devices. I mean, you know, they became friends. I just don’t think…ah, I’m just too tired to think, frankly. Let’s turn in, or I’ll fall asleep here in the closet.”

He took her hand, walked to the bed, lay down and draped his arm around his wife, and then fell immediately asleep, dead to the world.

Please, if you’re struggling with anxiety, don’t “keep on keeping on.” Talk to someone you trust. If that’s not an option, contact a local pastor, priest or rabbi. Don’t go it alone. There’s help near you.



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