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Max is Danielle’s adopted brother and the youngest of the six characters featured in the TGC Quiz. He’s sociable but a bit cautious. He’s also charming and curious. He loves to laugh and to make others laugh. But he prefers predictability in his life. His pre-adopted life was very difficult because he ended up in a number of abusive foster homes.

He especially likes Danielle’s friends, Paign and Anders. Though he hasn’t told them, he thinks of them as his adopted brothers. He wants to be brave like both of them…and as funny as Paign.

He adores his adopted parents, Amy and Peter Wheelen, and wants to please them even though they don’t ask him to. Max understands how different things could be for him since he’s already lived through that, so he appreciates their gentleness and obvious love, but also their deep sense of what’s right…and what’s wrong.


Maximillian prefers to go by “Max,” in part because he has a “Campaigner” personality (according to the MBTI Personality aseessment). Because of his difficult early childhood (he was adopted at age 7), he’s a “Turbulent Campaigner.” This means he tends to worry about doing well and whether his abilities will be enough.

Controlling his emotions is harder than he wishes it would be.

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“His eyes,” Max’s voice quivered. “They glow.” A shudder ran down his back. “Red. They glow red.”