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Bettina is Paign’s older sister. She is quite sociable and leans toward being sophisticated, moving into the city as soon as she could. She is independent but also guarded. Others find her charming, soft-spoken and curious. But her independence shows up when she gets stubborn. She doesn’t like surprises.

Because she lost her father to the war when she was still very young, that early loss in her life sometimes conflicts with her natural warmth and charm.


Bettina has a “Consul” Personality, which is the type of person who is naturally popular. She is attentive and people-focused. Her achievements are based on her values, which includes her being willing to share guidance with other people, when it makes sense.

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“Forgive me,” Bettina said, rubbing her forearms, “but do you think Paign is as good as Anders? Do you think he—” She stopped midsentence, her voice cracking.