Award-winning author of

The Gargoyle Chronicles

Brandon King

Fantasy, with Faith
and Courage

Just When You Thought You Had Figured It Out…

The Gargoyle Chronicles

Why read a bunch of stuff you… don’t like?

The Gargoyle Chronicles brings you an award-winning storyline that feels like Mordor just came to
your neighborhood.

Yeah…that bad.

Anders and Freida
Brandon with Conomorg

Enter the Gargoyle Realm
at Your Own Risk

There are many pathways into the realm of the gargoyles. But not all of them are warm, unevenly shaped and coarse-skinned. So, be careful out there.

Which path will you take today?


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Epic Fantasy Adventure

the way it used to be

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Gargoyles and Teens…

What could possibly go wrong?

Well…a lot.

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Lots of action!!

Great read!


Great young adult read

Many intoxicating characters

Diabolically simple yet intricate tale

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